Okay it doesn't get any bigger than this, you are considering buying someone the ultimate sweet jar! These tall glass sweet jars come exploding with our famous Pick & Mix of your choice! And the best thing about them is you get to keep the jar after you've finished which you can then top up with more pick & mix from our store or use it for something else.


All jars come with a Xmas label & a coloured ribbon bow of your choice.


If you would like any special requests i.e Lots of Fizzy Strawberries or would like the jar filling with just one particular sweet then you can leave a message in the special requests box on this page. 


Special Requests can only be made with sweets which are available in our Pick & Mix - To view our full range of Pick & Mix please see our Pick & Mix section on our website.


At checkout please put in the 'Notes" the date you would like to collect your order. 


If for any reason we are unable to fulfill your request we will contact you. 

The Ultimate Xmas Pick n Mix Jar 1.65kg -1.75kg