Individually wrapped mint flavoured boiled sweets. A true classic sweet, they have a rich buttery taste with a minty flavour.


You can purchase your sweets in: 100g / 200g / 400g amounts which come in one of our MJAYS sweet bags.


or as a gift in one of our Victorian Sweet Jars (plastic), Cookie Jars (plastic) or glass jars.


Victorian Jars hold approximately between 280 - 440g sweets (varies depending on the chosen sweet)


Cookie Jar holds approximately between   360g - 570g sweets (varies depending on the chosen sweet)


Glass Jar holds approximately between 600g - 850g sweets (varies depending on the chosen sweet). All our glass jars have a rubber seal & are airtight. All Xmas glass jars come with an Xmas label & a red or green spotty ribbon bow. The jar can be refilled with sweets or reused once empty.


  • Glucose syrup, sugar, unsalted butter (8%) (milk), invert sugar syrup, salt, emulsifier (soya lecithin), flavourings, Hydrolysed milk protein, colour (plain caramel). Not suitable for children under 36 months

Created by MJAYS

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