A combination of banana & soft liquorice in the shape of a monkey face


You can purchase your sweets in: 100g / 200g / 400g amounts which come in one of our MJAYS sweet bags.


or as a gift in one of our Victorian Sweet Jars (plastic), Cookie Jars (plastic) or glass jars.


Victorian Jars hold approximately between 280 - 440g sweets (varies depending on the chosen sweet)


Cookie Jar holds approximately between   360g - 570g sweets (varies depending on the chosen sweet)


All our glass jars have a rubber seal & are airtight. All Xmas glass jars come with an Xmas label &  a red or green spotty ribbon bow. The jars can be refilled with sweets or reused once empty.


At checkout please put in the 'Notes" the date you would like to collect your order during our opening times. 


If for any reason we are unable to fufill your request we will contact you. 

Banana Liquorice Monkeys

  • Sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, modified starch, molasses, gelatin, liquorice extract (3%), dextrose, ammonium chloride, acid (citric acid), natural flavour, fruit and plant concentrates: (passion fruit, mango, gardenia, orange) , glazing agent (beeswax white). May contain traces of MILK.